Welcome to Assemblage, a designer resale company that lays the foundation for conscious and intentional consumption while celebrating beauty, style, and quality.


We founded this company from a place of consciousness and curation. We passionately believed that better and bolder sustainable movements can be made within the world of fashion and lifestyle, and that to get as many people as possible on board, it needs to be easy, stylish, and affordable. That’s why we created Assemblage. It’s shopping, but better.

With us, greener doesn’t mean more expensive, or less stylish. Our goal is to make high quality, beautiful designer clothing affordable and available to everyone. We source garments from the closets of fashion conscious individuals like you, and ensure every piece is up to our high quality and condition standards. And since everything is secondhand, you can start building that designer wardrobe without breaking the bank, and feel good about it.

We are convinced that secondhand shopping should be more than just scoring a discount. Lets make it a conscious decision to affordably improve your wardobe with sustainable, good quality pieces that will last.

In all, we believe fashion is a never-ending cycle, and your clothes can be too.