1. Send us your items for free

Get a free mail-in kit to send in the items you would like to sell


2. We price your payout

With our smart pricing analytics, you can trust us to deliver the best value for you and shoppers, so items sell as quickly as possible. We take into consideration market value, quality, style, and demand.What’s more, the price you accept is the price you receive. No hidden promotions, no extra fees, no shipping cost.


3. We sell it for you

Don’t settle for crowded listings and low-ball offers. We make sure your item stands out with great photography, accurate descriptions, trusted shipping, and secure payments. Assemblage lists your items on multiple channels so they get as much exposure a possible. While you go about your life, we’ll do the selling.


4. You get paid

Your payouts are issued through PayPal on the 15th of every month for all items sold in the previous month. (e.g. payments issued on March 15th will cover all items sold in February) Voila! Money back in your pocket.